(Photo: Yann Cloitre)

As one of the driving forces behind her mother’s culinary empire, Su-lyn’s unwavering dedication and enterprising spirit is inspiring. Despite working in one of the most demanding and competitive industries with grueling hours – F&B –  this is how the intrepid woman inspires herself and her team to keep their heads up and find happiness on the job:

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Work with vision.

“The road ahead may be long and hard but having a vision will give you that drive to wake up and keep going. One bad day doesn’t change the vision and the path you need to take to reach your goal. What motivates me is the knowledge that there’s still so much we want to accomplish and achieve. I love the creative process of bringing Singapore food to the rest of the world, so I’m really focused on achieving this vision.”

F&B Queen Tay Su-Lyn Shares 4 Ways To Find Joy At Work
(Photo courtesy of Tay Su-Lyn)

Invest in building relationships.

“It’s fun to work with passionate people, because you’re all working together towards a bigger goal. This requires investing in time and effort, and treating your employees and co-workers with respect and kindness. I see my role as nurturing my team and giving them the skills and tools to do their job better, which creates an enriching environment to work in.”

F&B Queen Tay Su-Lyn Shares 4 Ways To Find Joy At Work
(Photo: Yann Cloitre)

Cultivate an encouraging work setting.

“My team has a WhatsApp group chat, where we post both good and bad reviews we receive. We celebrate the good ones, and learn from the bad in a nurturing way. When there’s a problem, it’s not about pointing fingers but about helping each other find ways to better the system. Nothing is ever right the first time.”

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