10 Easy Ways To Tone Your Butt In The Office

Everyone’s guilty of sitting down for too long every day. Whether it’s eating, reading messages, typing emails or watching videos, chances are you are on your butt.

Over time, the inactivity adds up and weakens your butt muscles, also known as glutes. So besides feeling jelly down there, you may find it increasingly harder to do basic movements like squatting to lift a child, reaching for an object above, climbing the stairs and even running after a bus.

Kareen Lai, a fitness professional and founder of Mums in Sync, calls this the Squishy Butt Syndrome.

In her book 18 Again: Bringing Out The Sexy Fit Mummy In You, Kareen explains that Squishy Butt Syndrome happens when your butt has “an inability to function as well as it was designed to”.

She says: “Most women are overly concerned about their abs and worry that their arms are too flabby. They have no idea that when they work on their butts, they work on those abs and arms too. Glutes form one of the biggest muscle groups in your body. When you work on your glutes, you have a higher chance of turning your body into a fat-burning furnace.”

Here, she offers 10 easy ways to get rid of the Squishy Butt Syndrome during your day-to-day office life. Tone your butt and burn extra calories at the same time!