11 Healthy Weight Loss-Friendly Snacks To Keep At Your Desk

Keep these healthy snacks on hand in the office if you’re trying to lose weight


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At The Weekly‘s office, we’ve delegated an entire drawer (or two) to snacks. Perfect for when the munchies strike, or when we need a little break in the midst of a crazy day. If you’re like us, you probably have a snack station at your office too, whether it’s in a shared space like the pantry or at your own desk. While the temptation to snack on chips and other unhealthy junk food can be pretty high (here’s looking at all those biscuits and crackers colleagues brought back from their last holiday), they’re not doing your health, or your waistline, any favours.

But you don’t need to toss everything out! Simply add some of these healthier options to your snack repertoire instead – they’re great for weight loss too:

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