10 Herbal Teas To Beat The Festive Bloat This Chinese New Year

Did you know that it’s traditional to start the first day of Chinese New Year with a steaming hot cup of sweet tea? Usually, a bowl of red date tea is served up to symbolise a sweet beginning to the new year but there are tons of unique alternative options these days.

10 Herbal Teas To Beat The Festive Bloat This Chinese New Year

Tea and other herbal preparations have a ton of other health benefits during the festive period, especially when it comes to overindulgence. Many people tend to overeat during Chinese New Year and end up with digestive problems, like bloating, indigestion or even vomiting after scarfing down a big feast. But fear not, some of these discomforts can be soothed with herbal remedies which can be easily prepared at home.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) physician Neo Min Jun – who works at Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic and divides her time among the branches in Chinatown, Tiong Bahru and Simei – offers five remedies for digestive issues that may plague revellers this festive season, while we added five other tea’s that will work wonders on your tummy:


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