10 TCM Herbs That Will Banish Fat And Improve Your Digestion

From time to time, we may have too much toxic build-up in our body, which leads to lethargy, irritability, and weight gain. TCM methods, however, will be able to help excrete the excess toxins that we consume or are exposed to every day through a detoxification process that includes taking herbs and other traditional practices like acupuncture, cupping or Tui Na massage.

“There is no one-for-all solution to detoxing. There are many principles behind detoxing, and that would be dependent on an individual’s constitution and condition. Hence the same method used on two separate individuals may not produce the same effects,” says Physician Ng Li Ying of Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic.

She adds that TCM advocates an overall healthy lifestyle, incorporating a balanced diet, exercise, and other good lifestyle habits. So, many TCM physicians do not encourage the use of extreme methods such as prolonged dieting and the overuse of laxatives as these will eventually do more harm than good to the body.

Below is a list of herbs that can aid the detoxification process but before you take any form of traditional medicine, please remember that the herbs recommended only serve as a general guide and you should consult a licensed TCM physician first:

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