12 Common Vagina Care Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Everything you wanted to know about caring for your vagina, but were too embarrassed to ask

If there’s one thing you ought to know about your vagina, it’s that it’s self-cleaning machine. Just about every day, your vagina cleanses itself of excess amino acids, proteins and other acids to keep itself clean and healthy. But just because it “self-cleans”, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay extra attention to perhaps one of the most intimate and sensitive areas of your body.

You’ll be shocked at how little some women know about their vulva area. While we use the term “vagina” loosely, vagina actually refers to the internal organ. The area that is exposed externally is known as the vulva, and includes your labia, clitoris and the opening to the vagina. And most feminine grooming products are formulated for use on this external area, not inside your vagina.


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Like the skin on the rest of our body, there’s a delicate balance of good bacteria that reside on the vulva. The existence of this microbiome helps keep your vulva healthy as it regulate its pH and helps stave off potential infections.

So before you try out one of those newfangled “vulva masks” (like the Two L(i)ps Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask) or go for another whitening treatment, it’s important to find out whether you’ve been caring for your lady bits the right way.  Here, we highlight 12 common vagina care mistakes women tend to make when cleaning their vaginas: