12 Diet Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

Some people will try anything to lose weight, and that includes going on a diet. Eating less and better is always a good way to lose weight, but if the diet you’re on doesn’t nourish or satisfy you, leaves you famished half the time, or forces you to forego certain foods or food groups, then you have a problem on your hands.

Most fad diets check all these boxes; sure, they’ll help you lose weight but they’re hard to stick to, not to mention, lacking in nutrients, and the weight you lose often comes back quickly.

With so many different diets out there – and new ones coming out constantly – it can be hard to tell what’s healthy or not. But all dangerous diets have several things in common. If the diet or eating plan you want to follow raises any of the following red flags, it probably means that it’s bad for you and you’d be smart to avoid it.

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