The 12 Foods Your Parents Should Be Eating To Prevent Joint Pain

Joints are an amazing and integral part of the human body. They help us to run, walk, jump and move but most people don’t think about them until something goes wrong and they are left with achy joints that are painful, swollen or stiff that could be an early sign of arthritis.

Arthritis affects about 40 per cent of the Singapore population. While the condition is often associated with old age, many people are unaware that children and young adults can also be at risk of contracting this debilitating condition.

Dr Lui Nai Lee, a Rheumatologist with Gleneagles Hospital Singapore, says there are two types of arthritis – the autoimmune/inflammatory types and the degenerative types.

He cautions that with the former, most patients have a genetic predisposition for the condition, so it is important for people to recognise the early signs and symptoms of arthritis and seek early treatment to improve the condition with minimal joint damage.

Living with pain is no way to enjoy life to the fullest so whether it’s achy joints or other physical ailments, try switching up your diet to improve your condition. Here are some tried-and-tested remedies for common aches and pains that could help you heal your body from the inside:

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