Can You Really Die Of A Broken Heart? (Plus, 20 Celebrities We Lost In 2016)

Did Debbie Reynolds succumb to a broken heart after the passing of her beloved daughter? One day after actress Carrie Fisher’s death at age 60, her mother – an actress and singer herself – also died unexpectedly of a suspected stroke.

Netizens certainly think she did:

But can you really die of a broken heart? CNN interviewed a medical expert who says the phenomenon is absolutely 100 per cent real.

“When someone finds out some shocking news, typically terrible news, and there’s a massive release of these stress hormones that are released into the bloodstream, and the heart is then bombarded with these stress hormones,” said Dr. Matthew Lorber, a psychiatrist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

The news doesn’t have to be bad; it could even be good news delivered in a sudden, shocking way, explained Lorber.

“Anything that causes a shock or startles can cause broken heart syndrome,” he said.

Well, 2016 has certainly served up plenty of shocking celebrity deaths. Take a look back at some of the stars we lost this year:

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