4 Reasons To Sleep More

Are you not getting the sleep you need because of cranky kids or hectic housework? Turns out, those zzzs are super important

sheep soft toy in deep sleep

Doctors recommend 7.5 hours of sleep daily for adults.

You’ll Have A Sharper Memory
When you’re in deep sleep, your brain processes events, experiences, facts and figures so you can recall them later. So good sleep is important when you are learning a new skill, like driving.

You’ll Look Younger
People who sleep seven to nine hours a night have fewer wrinkles and dark spots, and recover better from sunburn compared to those who sleep five hours or less a night. During deep sleep, pulses of growth hormones cause your body to make collagen and repair damage to cells.

You’ll Lose Weight
When we don’t sleep, levels of a “hunger hormone” called ghrelin skyrocket. You require more calories and crave the rush of sugar. So a better night’s sleep helps you make better food choices the next day.

You’ll Be More Creative
Good sleep – and the dreams you have during that sleep, helps you be more innovative and creative. In your dream you can in Sydney one minute, London the next; you could be flying or fighting monsters. Dreams actually help you practise thinking “out of the box”.

Text: Good Health, Bauer Syndication / Additional Reporting: Sylvia Ong
Photo: Pixabay