5 Different Types Of Ginseng Root And Their Unique Benefits

For years, Asian societies have used ginseng as an energy booster. Certified TCM Practioner Adele Lau, of One Farrer Hotel & Spa, notes that the miracle root is often used to “tonify Qi, which means that it reinforces the body’s life force, and this is highly useful for a stressful lifestyle.” Extensive research shows ginseng is believed to induce relation, help fight cancer and treat diabetes. “For women who are always on the go, trying to balance family and work life, ginseng can be a good choice,” adds Adele.

The Miracle Healer?
The World Health Organisation defines health as a state if complete mental, physical and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease. If we take this to be true, ginseng has already proven itself as a cure-all. Eu Yan Sang’s Resident Physician Anita Pee explains “some literature refers to ginseng as a well-known adaptogen, which means that when ingested it can produce a total body response, which increases resistance against harmful agents and improve the function of many body systems.”

Backed By Science
For all the myths surrounding ginseng’s use in TCM, its true test lies in scientific fact. Thousands of clinical trials have been carried out to investigate numerous claims for the power of ginseng. Through these studies, scientists discovered two groups of compounds that have been proven to have remarkable medicinal properties: Ginsenosides and polysaccharides. Both have antioxidant effects that are healing and restorative.

Everything In Moderation
So should we rush out to buy this miracle root in bulk? Not so fast! “Even herbs that are purported to have wide-ranging health benefits may cause undesired side effects when used inappropriately or taken in large doses,” says Anita. She recommends consulting a registered TCM physician first before consuming any herb, miracle or not.

If you are convinced and would like to try ginseng, read on as we outline the different types available for consumption and their unique benefits: