5 Mindfulness Apps That Will Help You Rest, Relax And Focus

Work stress, looming deadlines, irate boss, having to jostle your way in and out of crowded trains. Does that sound like a typical day at work? And then, once back home, cranky husband, hungry kids and housework take up your time? Does it feel like you have not had a moment to yourself?

You have probably all the latest buzz about mindfulness, the act of being in the “now”. Now, you are probably wondering why you would want to dwell in the moment when it’s what you want to get away from. That’s a double-edged sword situation – being aware of your feelings, thoughts and reactions when performing tasks (as against doing them mechanically) is the idealogy behind it.

“Surrender to what is…” so to speak. easier said than done. But these apps can get you started with basic meditation tips and reminders. And all that they ask of you is 10 minutes of your time.