The Important Reasons To Use Sunscreen Now

We have all heard about the dangers of the sun, but did you know skin cancer is one of the most common concerns due to increased ultraviolet exposure from the sun? Not sure of what to slather on before your step out your door? Here are some suggestions

Sport and other outdoor activities – Choose quick-drying formulas with sweat-resistance.

Road Trips – Ensure your car has tinted windows and apply a facial SPF30 sunscreen to skin.

The Office – UV travels through glass so you still need protection. Choose an antioxidant moisturizer with broad-spectrum protection. Antioxidants act like sponges, quenching nasty by-products from our UV interaction.

Beach – Bring out the big guns – only SPF50+ will do at the beach. Look for water-resistance for at least 40 minutes.

If you haven’t yet gotten in the habit of wearing sunscreen daily, take a look at these reasons why you need it as part of your daily routine.