6 Common Causes Of A Bloated Tummy

It’s interesting, isn’t it? The modern definition of what makes women attractive from the outside. While opinions may differ between men and women about this, it’s fair to reflect on some shared ideals about the fairer sex. Amongst the holy grail of gorgeousness we all value are physical traits such as smooth skin, luscious hair, defining brows, no eye bags, toned limbs, healthy glow – and definitely a flat belly.

For different reasons, none of us would want a bloated tummy. It signals unwanted fat in an area of the body that is linked with health concerns, reminds us that we have over-eaten (again!), and the clothes just don’t fit well. We also risk being mistaken as pregnant when we are not…awkward! Quite apart from the aesthetics, a distended belly usually comes with pangs of discomfort or pain from too much gas, insides that are either churning too much or not moving enough.

Gut health is so critical to our overall wellbeing, so when our digestive system malfunctions, it’s almost certain we’ll not be in a great mood, feel tired and find it hard to get about our day and conquer the world.

Even for the body-aware amongst us, what causes our abdomen to decide to puff up can be confusing. And the triggers may be different each time, which makes it all the more frustrating. If you are constantly suffering from stomach pains, unusual or irregular bowel movements, indigestion or if you can’t keep food down, please do consult a medical practitioner to rule out anything major first (like severe allergies, infections, inflammation, Crohn’s disease, kidney or gall stones, endometriosis, appendicitis, GERD, etc.)

Here are some of the usual suspects that cause occasional bouts of belly bloat and discomfort are these – perhaps you can see which are the ones which may be your triggers and I will share at the end, one of the health tools which may be useful to you, which takes some of the guesswork out.