Everything You Should Know About Deadly Super Bugs Like Candida Auris

Every few years, it seems that there’s a new super virus to be worried about. From Ebola back in 2013, to H3N2 flu virus last year, disease-causing germs seem to be getting more dangerous and insidious every time. But how worried should you be about the latest deadly drug-resistant fungus, Candida auris?

Called C. auris for short, the disease kills about half of its victims within 90 days, has sparked alarm after news of it spreading globally went viral. It has emerged in locations all over the world including China, Europe, the United States, South America, India, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

The Straits Times reported on Tuesday that 11 in Singapore have been infected since 2012, with two deaths. A New York Times report says that the fungus spreads easily in hospitals, with outbreaks caused by contact with infected patients and contaminated surfaces or equipment.

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Medical institutions have been reluctant to disclose outbreaks for fear of being seen as “infection hubs”.

While Dr Ling Moi Lin, director of infection prevention and epidemiology at SGH, said there has been “no outbreak or spread” of C. auris in the community here, the fungus has brought up more general fears about the risk of infection at hospitals.

Here’s what you need to know about the risk of catching an infection from hospitals, in particular super bugs: