6 Myths People Should Stop Believing About Beauty Pageants

When talking about pageants that first thing that pops to mind is usually that the girls who compete for the crown are unintelligent, stick-thin and catty. But at the Mrs Singapore World Grand Finals held at Resorts World Sentosa earlier this week, we found out that those assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

After a three-month process, one woman who embodied what the judges were looking for in the next Mrs Singapore 2016/17 emerged victorious: 36-year-old mother of two, Yusnimah Bousigues, beat out 19 other wonderful ladies to take the crown and the coveted title and will represent Singapore at the Mrs World pageant held in South Korea next year.

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The Mrs Singapore World pageant gives married women like Yusnimah a dedicated platform to showcase her beauty and be a voice within the community.

After her victory lap, Yusnimah was warmly embraced by her fellow contestants showcasing the camaraderie and friendship that was formed between the women over the last few months. So who says beauty queens have to be drama queens?! Read on to find out what other myths people should stop believing about pageantry and what really goes on behind the scenes of a top beauty pageant:

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