The 5 Main Causes Of Hair Loss In Women And How To Best Treat It

Are you often taken aback by the number of strands caught in your hairbrush, or worried about a sudden reduction in the volume of your ponytail? Hair loss is a common (and rising) problem here, says dermatologist Dr Eileen Tan from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

And although it most commonly occurs around menopause, 40 per cent of women actually experience visible hair loss by age 40 , according to Vivian Leong, hair and scalp expert at PHS Hairscience.

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If you notice that you’re suddenly losing more hair than normal, it’s a good idea to seek treatment immediately. “The earlier you intervene, the better the outcome,” says Dr Tan. 

This is because it’s hard to regain that fullness once a significant amount of hair has been lost, especially when no treatment was administered in the early stage. Plus, she says, if you were born with naturally thin hair, the hair loss will be more dramatic than if you had started with a baseline of bouncy, thick hair.