When’s The Best Time To Get A Flu Jab Before You Travel?

Already planning for your holidays this year? You might want to consider getting vaccinated before setting foot in another country. It’s worth noting that there are two major flu seasons in Singapore — May to July, and November to January. 

And while a flu shot is the most common one for local travellers, Singaporeans are at risk of contracting a variety of illnesses when travelling, not just the flu, according to Dr Phoon Chiu Yong, a family physician from Healthway Medical Group. These include gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, cholera, tetanus, malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases like yellow fever and dengue fever.

She notes that these diseases can be spread by contact, as well as poor drinking-water access, inadequate access to clean sanitation facilities and poor hygiene practices. 

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Here, Dr Phoon as well as Dr Ginni Mansberg, general practitioner and director of Influenza Specialist Group answer some common questions about getting vaccinated before a trip: