Survivor Stories: “I Could Have Been Dead In One To Two Years If I Didn’t Go For The Checkup”

A few months after being diagnosed with depression in 2017, 38-year-old Phyllis Cheong was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Read about her amazing story of triumph here

“It was June 2017 when I felt a lump on my breast,” Phyllis recalls. She was living and working in Hong Kong at the time, and waited six months to get it checked as she wanted to do it in Singapore. 

 “When the results came back, luckily, I was still in the early stages of breast cancer, but if I had seen a doctor six months earlier, I would have been at stage one,” she admits. 

Phyllis at different stages of recovery. (Photo courtesy of Phyllis Cheong)

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“Upon receiving the diagnosis, my mind was blank and it seemed like a nightmare. Breast cancer was something I knew about vaguely, but I knew I had to accept the fact and deal with it.”

After relocating back to Singapore, Phyllis underwent six gruelling months of chemotherapy.

“It was a wakeup call for me,” she shares, “but I love my parents and don’t want them to worry about me, so I needed to get well!”

“[Breast cancer] was a wakeup call for me. I love my parents … so I needed to get well.” – Phyllis

Despite the tough treatments, Phyllis persisted, thanks to the support of family and friends, and continued living life normally. “Of course, I tried to eat healthier, avoided raw food and switched to using products with natural ingredients.”

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A portrait piece titled “Woman In Red” painted by Phyllis. (Photo: Art By Lissy Love)

“To take my mind off cancer and the pain, I turned to painting. I plan to sell them to raise funds for the breast cancer cause. I also set up a bucket list of things to do as soon as I am well, which mostly involves seeing the world. I want to learn diving, take my mum to Japan, ride on a hot air balloon and travel Europe and South America.”

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