Survivor Stories: “I Could Have Been Dead In One To Two Years If I Didn’t Go For The Checkup”

A few months after being diagnosed with depression in 2017, 38-year-old Phyllis Cheong was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Read about her amazing story of triumph here

After her chemo ended, Phyllis attended a Breast Cancer Foundation support group and met other survivors, some of whom have been in the group for 20 years. “It gives me hope and I would absolutely encourage other breast cancer survivors and caregivers to join us,” she says. 

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(Photo: Phyllis Cheong)Phyllis had a lumpectomy on 31 July this year and she’s still recovering but is considered cancer-free.

“My motto is live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest.” – Phyllis

“I treasure life so much now because you only live once, and I could be dead in one to two years if I never went for the checkup. My motto is live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest. Forget about bad things that happened in the past and forgive people.”

She hopes to become a good artist and home decorator and set up her own company. “Don’t let cancer defeat you,” she says. “Looking back at what I’ve endured, it was tough but I did it. We can come out a stronger and happier woman. Appreciate every single beautiful thing that happens around you. There is always life after breast cancer.”

Phyllis’ words of advice:

“Breast cancer does not discriminate; it is important for every woman to take charge of her breast health. Don’t wait to do  self-checks and consult a doctor if you find anything such as a lump or nipple discharge.”

Visit Phyllis’s website to see her paintings.

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