Burn Fat In Just 20 Minutes With This Gym Equipment You Probably Have At Home

Who has time for long sessions at the gym? We show you how to make the most of that exercise bike to get back in shape

Want To Add Biking To Your Workout Routine? Here Are Some Tips

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Many of us have the traditional exercise bike tucked away in the spare room gathering dust.ย  And in the gym, it’s seen as the easy option – just hop on and flick through your favourite mag while you pedal. But if you use it right, you can have a great short, sharp workout (I mean, have you ever seen a spin class?)

Dan Little, fitness expert and indoor cycling specialist, explains that the bike isn’t just a terrific way to start your fitness journey, it’s also great to maintain or improve your cardiovascular fitness.

“It’s a low-impact piece of kit – ideal if you have any niggling injuries or need something easier on the body,” he explains.

Ready for a more effective ride? Learn about a bike workout for every level in the gallery below:


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