Chicken Pox, Measles, And Other Illnesses Adults Can Catch From Kids

Chickenpox causes a prominent rash, itchiness and feelings of ill health, and can cause scarring and complications that can require hospital treatment.


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And get this: Even if you’ve been vaccinated against chickenpox as a baby, you can still catch it!

“Vaccination confers about 95 per cent protection. It is recommended to receive two doses of chickenpox vaccine three months apart. Generally, a person usually has a mild disease if he had been vaccinated previously,” says Dr Low Kah Tzay, a Paediatrician at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

But luckily, if the pox struck you once then it most likely won’t affect you a second time. Phew!

“Chickenpox re-infection is rare. Most people who contracted chickenpox will be immune to re-infection,” explains Dr Low. “It happens rarely if the first infection was very mild or contracted many years ago. It may also occur if the person’s immunity is lowered by other medical condition. Shingles or herpes zoster is a re-activation of chickenpox in a person who previously had chickenpox infection. The symptoms are different from the first-time infection. It also occurs when a person’s immunity is reduced.”

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