Crystal-Infused Skincare Is The New Wellness Trend We Are Completely Onboard With

As work and the demands of life pile up, it’s more essential than ever to practise self-care. It’s good for your mental health, physical health and will give you a much-needed boost to go about your day. Jump onboard the wellness train with four of the hottest skincare, food and fitness trends that will help you achieve a better life this year:

Trend 1: Crystal-Infused Skincare

Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystals or simply love the cooling and depuffing benefits of a rose quartz face roller, most of us aren’t strangers to crystals. And while it brought an element of spirituality into self-care in 2018, it is set to elevate self-care—or skincare, in particular—as more skincare products will be infused with crystals.

An indispensable part of beauty rituals in ancient civilisations, crystals are said to have healing powers. This is because crystals are essentially minerals which contain tiny electrical charges.

As a result, when they are finely ground and whipped into skincare products, these tiny electrical charges can enhance the product penetration into skin or increase cellular energy for accelerated results and healthier skin.

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Get your hands on Swiss-based luxury skincare brand, Nazan Schnapp’s Sublime Hydrating Treatment Essence, about $136 (100 ml). Delicately scented and packed with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Centella Asiatica, Rose de Mai, peony and hibiscus extracts, this toning mist is supercharged with rose quartz to replenish skin’s moisture and stimulate cellular turnover for plump and glowing skin.

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Trend 2: Mesonutrients



If you’re a food trend junkie, you would have known about the terms, “macronutrients” and “micronutrients”. The former refers to the main food groups which we eat and get our energy from, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The latter, on the other hand, refers to the groups of nutrients which are essential to our body for energy production, immune function, bone health, cell multiplication etc.

And the latest buzzword in 2019? Mesonutrients.

Derived from Greek, macro means “big”, micro means “small” and meso means “inside”. As such, mesonutrients refers to the specific active compounds that are found within the foods that we eat, which make them beneficial to our health.

Some common mesonutrients are curcumin (present in turmeric), lycopene (present in tomatoes) and astaxanthin (present in salmon).