Crystal-Infused Skincare Is The New Wellness Trend We Are Completely Onboard With

Trend 3: Mindful Posture

2018 might have been the year about mindfulness, with many people practicing mindfulness when it comes to living in the moment in situations like breathing, controlling your temper and even your eating habits.

This year, the mindfulness movement will also include your posture. Since most urbanites spend long hours at our office desks or at home looking at our phones, it’s easy for us to slouch and over time, this can lead to muscle tension and chronic aches.

One easy way to improve your posture is to take deep breaths when you’re seated at your desk. This is usually sufficient to let you be aware of your incorrect posture as it is difficult to take deep breaths where your lungs are fully filled with air and your diaphragm rises if you’re not seated upright.

Or try taking up yoga and pilates classes as they help strengthen your core muscles, which can then help with your posture. If you’re already suffering from chronic pain at your neck, back or shoulders, it could be time to see a chiropractor to help realign your body and improve mobility.

Trend 4: Plant-Based Meat

If you love beef, it’s inevitable to feel a tinge of guilt every time you indulge in your favourite cut of steak, knowing that it’s one of the most environmentally unfriendly livestock to rear. Which is why plant-based meat replacements like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are gaining in popularity.

Since making their debut in 2018, Beyond Meat is now available in major hotels including Grand Hyatt and The Fullerton Hotel. According to the brand, the Beyond Burger (one of the products offered by Beyond Meat), looks, cooks and tastes like a fresh beef burger patty.

Plus, it also contains 20 g of plant-based protein, which is comparable to the amount of beef protein in a regular beef patty.

Here are some vegan cafes and restaurants to check out right here on our sunny island!

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Text: Joyce Cheo and Elizabeth Liew
Photos: Pexels