18 Easy Ways To Eat Less Sugar Every Day For Faster Weight Loss

There’s mounting evidence that eating more fat doesn’t actually make you fat, but eating sugar definitely does. In fact, contrary to popular belief, fat consumption may even help you shed some kilos. On the other hand, studies suggest that a sugar-laden diet is more likely to cause you to gain weight. Sugar is added to foods that don’t even taste all that sweet, like breads, condiments and sauces. These hidden sugars mean you could be living on a continuous sugar high without even knowing it! Scary, right? A high-sugar diet increases your risk of tooth decay, heart disease and diabetes, not to mention weight gain.

So while it definitely takes a bit more effort to cut out sugar from your daily diet, it will be more worth your while. Here are 18 ways to curb your sugar intake and shed the extra kilos, amongst other health benefits:

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