What Doctors Want You To Know About Taking Weight Loss Supplements In Singapore

We speak to a doctor and brand founder to glean useful tips on how to be a savvy consumer when it comes to buying and eating beauty and weight loss supplements

What Doctors Want You To Know About Taking Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements may seem like miracle pills, but like many other good things in life, they often come with a price. That is why it’s important as a consumer to understand what you’re popping into your mouth for what you’re paying — money aside, it’s the personal health and safety that are most important.

There were several cases this year of women who took weight loss supplements that led to dire health consequences – one of them lost consciousness and had to be resuscitated to save her life, another suffered severe heart failure and has to take long-term medication, and one more developed suicidal thoughts from the heart palpitations and insomnia caused by taking the supplements.


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Because of the health implications, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) had to issue an alert to urge consumers not to buy or consume these weight-loss supplements (they listed the products specifically by name) because they contained “undeclared potent medicinal ingredients, including a banned substance for weight loss and a potent steroid”.

The news, though not the first of its kind (nor last, we are quite sure), sounds scary. So it begs the question: how do you know if the beauty supplement you are taking, or intending to take, is safe? We checked in with experts, who offered us advice on a few things to look out for and the three things you need to know about beauty supplements:

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Text: Kayce Teo / Photo: Pixabay