10 Early Warning Signs Of Dementia To Beware Of

Apart from your heart, your brain is probably the most important vital organ. It’s where our memories are stored, along with our ability to think and make judgments. That’s why mental conditions like dementia can have such a debilitating effect on one’s life, so if you live with elderly folk, it’s important to keep the following information on your radar. 

10 Early Warning Signs Of Dementia To Beware Of

A 2015 study by the Institute of Mental Health revealed that one in 10 people aged 60 and above may be suffering from dementia. Last year, doctors at the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) revealed that an estimated 150,000 people in Singapore have “pre-dementia”.  This is where a person may face problems to do with their memory, language, thinking and judgment that are more than normal age-related changes, but they’re still able to function relatively normally and independently. 


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And before you think that dementia only affects seniors, the NNI also reported increasing numbers of patients diagnosed with young-onset dementia, which affects those aged below 65. 

The good news is that, even though there’s no cure per se, if dementia is caught early more can be done to stop or even reverse the condition. Here are 10 early warning signs of dementia to watch out for:

Disclaimer: This information is only meant to be a guideline. Even if your loved one seems to show the following signs, always seek medical advice and do not self-diagnose.