Eating These Foods Raw Could Better Your Digestion

While fibre is known to help with your body’s digestion and stomach functions, there’s another factor you need to consider when trying to better your body’s digestive system. 

You probably would have guessed it by now but probiotics (commonly found in fermented food like kimchi and sauerkraut) is heaven sent when it comes to boosting your body’s digestion rate and improving your gut health. 

Besides the gastrointestinal portions of your body, probiotics is said to help improve your body’s immunity system and give you better skin. 

Essentially, probiotics are the good bacteria that, when introduced into your gut, can help do a number of things. By introducing your body to good bacteria, you’re helping your gut improve its bacteria fauna and strengthen its defense system against bad bacteria. 

Here are some foods naturally containing prebiotics that help to support the life of probiotics in your gut: 

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