10 Fast And Natural Ways To Make Your Cough Go Away

If you’re reading this, you’re probably suffering from a nasty and persistent cough. Coughs aren’t just annoying, they also disrupt your daily life, making it hard to have conversations or concentrate without feeling the urge to hack away every few minutes or so.

10 Fast And Effective Ways To Make Your Cough Go Away

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What causes coughing? There are many plausible reasons, including (but not limited to) allergens like dust and pollen, irritants like smoke and pollution and medical conditions like the cold or flu, and they can sometimes be hard to get rid of.

What’s worse, some coughs last for weeks on end! *shudder* And just when you think you’ve been cured, you may be surprised by a coughing fit that rouses you from sleep.

Besides going to see your GP, try these 10 natural remedies to nix that scratchy, itchy urge to cough pronto:


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