Frequent Flyers Share Easy Ways To Make A Long-Haul Flight More Comfortable

Going to far-flung destinations like the US, Europe or even New Zealand? Before you land, you’ll probably be travelling for hours in close confinement with dozens of other passengers. And with more airlines hawking non-stop long-haul flights, making yourself comfortable in the air is all the more vital. 

In October, Singapore Airlines (SIA) launched the world’s longest commercial flight – a 19-hour route from Singapore to Newark in the United States; in November, they also launched direct flights to Los Angeles. 

According to data from travel search engine Skyscanner, about 20 per cent of their top 50 searches were for flights between six and 10 hours. With such long flight times, airlines are going the distance to keep passengers rested and comfortable.

For instance, SIA has chosen orange, yellow and red cabin lights, which are proven to be conducive for sleep. It will also offer a healthier and lighter menu to reduce gas and aid digestion.

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Meanwhile, Emirates has expanded its film catalogue to offer more than 1,000 movies. It estimates that this will take 119 trips on the world’s longest A380 flight from Dubai to Auckland to get through.

Despite all these perks, what airlines cannot do is cater to the needs of each individual. Here are some top tips from frequent flyers to help you upgrade your in-flight experience: