Which Health Supplements Should You Really Be Taking?

And how many supplements is too many?

health supplements

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With so much emphasis being placed in recent years on leading a healthy lifestyle, it seems that we now have a need to consume practically anything advertised that tells us we’ll live longer, healthier lives. Ask around and you’ll probably find that many of your family and friends take health supplements every day.

Health supplements include a range of vitamins and minerals that add to the nutrients that we already get through our diet. Some are derived from natural sources but some are also created in labs.


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Dietitian Louis Yap, from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, advises to do a health check prior to taking any form of supplements as blood tests may show what may be deficient in the body. Also, a dietitian may help you pinpoint the potential lack of food groups that links to the deficiency in certain nutrients.

“If you’re skipping these steps, then make sure the supplements purchased are from a reliable source, and to check the expiration date of the supplement,” he adds.

So should you be taking a health supplement? Find out here:

Text:  Balvinder Sandhu