These Are The Healthcare Tests You Need To Get After You’re 30

Here’s the deal. Staying healthy isn’t limited to eating right, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep. To detect and prevent certain life-threatening conditions and ensure that your health is on the right track, it’s important to undergo medical screenings throughout your lifetime. 

Dr Malini Munisamy, a general practitioner at Onecare Medical says that a general health screening includes a battery of tests. “Most clinics offer a standard health screening package, which typically includes a blood test, X-ray, ECG (echo cardiogram), and other tests.

As part of your clinical examination, your height, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) are measured, and your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, checked. To screen for diabetes, you may also have to undergo a fasting blood sugar test; other tests may include a kidney function test, a liver function test, a urine test, and a stool test.” According to Dr Munisamy, these are the most important health screenings for women:

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