Science Finds New Proof You Can Lose 1 Kg Of Fat A Week Eating Cake

This study into healthy weight loss is proof miracles exist - you don’t even need to go to the gym

What Your Cravings ACTUALLY Reveal About Your Health

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A new scientific study shows you eat 500 calories more a day when you eat ultra processed foods – even if you match the fat, salt and sugar content to home-made foods. So if you love cookies,  it’s better to eat home-made cookies if you want to lose weight.

You will naturally eat less cookies, and still feel happy and full. Talk about a sugar rush!

This is especially good news if you’re trying to lose weight after giving birth (breastfeeding makes you so hungry) or you’re trying to lose fat after age 40. when your metabolism naturally slows a little.

Scientists with the National Institutes of Health, found people ate very differently when they were given meals of processed or unprocessed foods. And it wasn’t just because processed food is more sweet and delicious, either.

Even if the fat, salt, fibre and sugar content was the same, people still ate about 508 calories more per day of the processed foods, especially at breakfast and lunch.

Those extra calories can cause weight gain of one kilogram a week!

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How much weight can you lose in a week doing this?

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Here’s the maths: 3,500 calories equals about 0.45 kilogram of fat. So you need to burn 3,500 calories to lose that much weight. So, in general, if you eat 500 calories a day more than you need, you gain half a kilo of fat in one week.

But if you eat 500 calories a day less –  you can potentially lose that half a kilo of fat in one week.

To give you an idea, 500 calories is around one serving of Singapore Curry Chicken, or a plate of Hainanese Chicken rice, from the hawker centre.