How Fast Does Your Body Process Carbs? Do This Simple Test To Find Out

Perplexed about why some people can tuck into as much pasta as they want and never seem to gain weight, but you feel like the scales creep up every time you look at a bread roll? It turns out you’re not imagining it.

According to Dr Sharon Moalem, a leading US geneticist, different people process carbohydrates differently – so while some people thrive on them, others should restrict how many they eat. “Carbohydrates have been villainised for years, but many of our ancestors who were farmers gave up the genes to thrive on a diet that’s up to 50 per cent carb-based,” says Dr Moalem. “If you inherited a high carb tolerance from your ancestors and you try to severely limit cabs in your diet, you won’t feel very well and any weight loss you achieve won’t be sustainable.

“On the other hand, if your ancestors were hunters and ate very few carbs, they didn’t pass on the genes required for a high-carb diet,” he says. “So if you eat too many carbs, achieving your ideal weight and health status will be almost impossible.”

The surprising news is, you don’t even need an expensive genetic test to work out which carbohydrates ‘group’ you fall into. Take the cracker self-test to find out your carb type.

The Cracker Self-Test