Fitness Queen Jaime Teo Shares How She Balances Work, Workouts And Motherhood

Fitness enthusiast and host Jaime Teo just turned 42 in April, but you would never guess it from her taut, glowing skin. And from the way she jumps and planks and twists in the slew of workout videos she’s put up on her Instagram page (@jmeteo).

A quick glance at her Instagram page sees her burning a year’s worth of calories, but we’re also amazed by her pretty bakes, awe-inspiring paintings, and envy-inducing music making that involves playing the piano and guitar, as well as singing.

If all these sound like superhuman achievements, it’s because they are. Many of us plan fancy bucket lists, only to chuck them because “there’s no time” or “it’s too hard”. In Jaime’s world, nothing is too time-consuming, or too hot to handle.

In this interview, she shares her workout secrets and how she juggles her work, workouts and other hobbies:

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We see you have different zones for your favourite activities: working out, painting, playing piano and guitar, and baking. Which of these spark the most joy for you?

Everything that I do successfully makes me happy. A good cookie makes me happy. Yes, I have baking fails – but I don’t post them. A nice painting makes me happy. It’s about trying every day. I’m in a very special and fortunate phase where I can do the things I enjoy, and get an income from it. Honestly, I’m at the happiest, most independent point of my life. I feel most centred now.

How have things changed for you on the personal front?

Three years ago, Daniel (Ong) and I had already separated but I didn’t talk about it. We were also selling off Twelve Cupcakes, so there was a lot of closure in my life. Working out was my way to de-stress, and I felt I had to be stronger then. I’m glad to still be on this fitness journey. I’ve seen how physical fitness translates to emotional strength that I didn’t know I had.

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So what do you do with your daughter Renee? Do you guys work out together?

We do everything indoors, because I don’t like being in the sun! Sadly, we don’t work out together. Renee’s always been her own person. She likes singing, drawing comics, making slime, and editing videos on mobile apps. I’m quite easy with what she wants to do, as long as she’s not always on the iPad. And oh, ting xie (Chinese spelling)! I spend a lot of time coaching her on that.