How To Switch Off From Work While On Holiday

A holiday should be time to get away from the daily grind of office work and de-stress. It’s a moment to get away from it all and recharge so that you can return more invigorated than before.

The only problem? Many people find it hard to disconnect from the real world and enjoy their holiday to the fullest because they’re constantly checking their phones for work mail instead of checking out the great view or furiously working overtime even when on mandated vacations.

Research has shown that our “always on” culture perpetuated by modern technology has a detrimental effect on people. Scientists have even gone as far as saying that “excessive use of email can lead to increased burnout, conflicts with one’s family, reduced satisfaction with work and reduced wellbeing.”

Now if that’s not food for thought, how’s this: German companies such as Volkswagen and BMW have limits on out of hours emails, while car manufacturer Daimler allows employees to have all work emails received while they are on holiday automatically deleted.

But for individuals whose companies do not have such restrictions in place, the solution is far more complex. So, how do you learn to stop worrying and love your holidays? Here are some tips that could help: