You’re Probably Not Meeting Your Daily Iron Requirement (& Foods To Help You Get There)

Iron is considered an essential mineral for your body’s everyday function.

While it helps to carry fresh oxygen through your blood, iron also aids in healthy immune function, cognitive performance and you guessed it, energy.


So how much iron do we actually need?

To reach the daily quota, the average woman should consume about 18 mg of iron, while men require less at 8 mg.

Vegans and vegetarians will know that trying to meet this daily requirement can indeed be a challenge, but with one third of the world’s population deemed iron-deficient it would seem that this struggle isn’t exclusive to non-meat eaters.

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Many believe that the best way to hit the mark is to gobble up a juicy steak, but it may surprise you to discover that there are several delicious and even more nutritious meat-free ways and to get your daily serve.

Keep reading to discover our top five iron-packed foods: