It’s Official! Instagram Is In Fact Bad For Your Mental Health

We reckon you’ve known for a long time now that, the popular photo sharing app, Instagram, hasn’t exactly been very beneficial for your mental health. 

In fact, the term Instagram Envy is an actual thing — not to be confused with regular jealousy and FOMO (fear of missing out). 

From Instagram celebrities and influencers posting photographs of their luxury vacations, slender bodies and oh-so-amazing life, Instagram isn’t exactly the best app for people with self-esteem issues. 

According to the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health, the app is found to be the most detrimental to our mental health — more so for young and impressionable women. But that’s not to say the older generation doesn’t know what it’s like to feel it. 

While apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Tumblr can play a part in ruining the self confidence of individuals, Instagram seems to have the worst affect on people. 

Don’t believe it? Watch the video below and see all the findings from this experiment: 

Got Instagram envy? First of all, don’t fret. Everyone, including celebrities, feel that way sometimes. Here’s what you can do: