Got Tummy Problems? Eat These Fermented Foods For A Healthier Gut

While you may already be familiar with foods like kimchi and yoghurt, there’s a new addition to the fermented foods family that’s slowly gaining popularity here. Kombucha, which is a type of fermented tea, has been touted as the new “Immortal Health Elixir”, and raved by celebrities from Kourtney Kardashian to Lady Gaga.

But it’s not just another fad: Fermented foods have actually been eaten for thousands of years.


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Fermentation occurs when bacteria break down sugar, converting it to acid, gas or alcohol. This enriches dairy, soy and vegetable products with a tangy flavour and beneficial bacteria called probiotics.

Eating fermented foods helps to populate your gut with probiotics, and this can increase the availability of nutrients in your body, reduce food allergy symptoms, enhance your immune system and protect against disease.


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Here are five good reasons to add fermented foods to your diet: