Do These Mild Exercises To Relieve Aching Joints

Healthy joints aren’t a given. Thanks to wear and tear, old injuries, genetics or even an increase in weight, you may find yourself experiencing osteoarthritis (OA). Commonly known as the “wear and tear” arthritis, it is one of 200 medical conditions that can be classified as arthritic pain and isn’t just limited to the elderly.

Do These Mild Exercises To Relieve Aching Joints

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“OA is a condition where the protective cartilage in the joint breaks down,” says Joseph Chan, chief physiotherapist of Rehab & Beyond and resident physiotherapist at Core Collective. “It is often accompanied by a decrease in joint lubrication and joint space. While it can affect any joint in the body, weight-bearing joints such as the knees and hips are more commonly affected and usually develop later in age, gradually worsening over time.”

While treatment for OA revolves around exercises and pain relief (such as with the use of hot packs), specific exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist to target specific joints can help manage arthritic pain.

These gentle exercises may not break a sweat but they’ll go a long way to help manage joint pain: