5 Eating Habits In The Office That Can Help You Slim Down

We've all been there before. Your colleagues have bought a box of doughnuts for teatime and you find yourself unable to stop at one even though you just had lunch. Don't worry, there's a few things you can try to get your health goals back on track

Drink more water at work

(Photo: Pixabay)

1. Drink more water
Sure, this one might seem like common sense. But choosing to drink water is not only beneficial for your body, but it forces employees to take trips away from their desks – walking to the pantry or kitchen tap to top up their bottle.

It’s also a great idea to organise ‘water trips’ with your work mates that sit nearby. This way, you’ll be able to encourage each other to get up to head to the pantry together.

Regularly drinking water helps you stay full and feel satisfied, which naturally reduces your risks of reaching for the tempting box of cookies sitting nearby.

TIP: Keep a bottle of water at your desk which you can reach easily. Plain water is best, but if you want something with a little flavour, skip the caffeine-heavy drinks and sugared sodas, and choose a bottle of vitaminised drink instead. The Pink Dolphin Peach Flavour Vitaminised Water is a refreshing drink with a light fruity peach flavour infused with vitamins C, B6 and B12 to support your body’s immune system. Or go for the Pink Dolphin White Grape Flavour with Amino Acid Drink to keep hydrated while boosting your metabolism.