8 Yummy Body-Loving Booster Juices You Can Prepare Right Away

Whether it’s a morning cleanse, tummy trimmer or post-yoga boost – healthy living has never been easier or more delicious for the family.
1. Fast Breakfast

Blend 1 peeled fresh or frozen banana, ¾ cup natural yoghurt, ½ cup ice cubes, 2 tbsps rolled oats, 1 tbsp each honey and almond butter, ¼ tsp ground cinnamon. 638 kcal per serving.

2. Vitamin Kick For Kids

Blend ½ chopped fresh or frozen banana, ½ cup ice cubes, 3 strawberries and ¼ cup each orange juice and natural yoghurt. 253 kcal per serving.

3. Morning Cleanse

Use a juicer. Feed in 1 quartered green apple, 1 cup spinach or bok choy, 1 stalk celery, ½ chopped cucumber, ½ chopped lemon, 1 cm peeled ginger and 2 stalks parsley. Serve juice over ice, sprinkled with pinch of cayenne pepper. 121 kcal per serving.

4. Tummy Trimmer

Blend 1 cup chopped papaya (or rockmelon if preferred), ½ cup ice cubes, ½ chopped pear, ½ cup natural yoghurt, 2 tsps chia seeds and a few mint leaves. 235 kcal per serving.