Did You Know? These Foods Are A Lot Higher In Salt Content

You know it’s always a good idea to opt for low-sodium soya sauce when you’ve suffered the effects of heavy bloating. Just one tablespoon (15ml) of regular soya sauce actually amounts to a whopping 1,000mg of sodium.

Jaclyn Reutens, a dietitian at Aptima Nutrition and Sports Consultants, advises to take note of other salt-laden food besides soya sauce. The Health Promotion Board of Singapore recommends no more than 2,000mg (one teaspoon) of sodium a day, so Jaclyn suggests to keep your intake below 1,500mg since we usually underestimate the amount we’re actually eating.

“It’s not easy to track the amount of sodium in your diet as most foods come with pre-added salt,” she says.

Besides making you feel puffy, a high-sodium diet raises your risk for high blood pressure and heart disease, so trimming the salt is a smart move. Here are some places to start.

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