5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Leftovers

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Leftovers

Cooked too much and now you’ve got lots of leftovers with no idea what to do with them? Think twice before tossing them in the bin, though! You could be wasting food that delivers some significant health benefits, thanks to chemical changes that occur during the cooking, cooling and reheating process.

Contrary to popular belief, reheating food doesn’t automatically mean you’re killing the food’s nutrients. In some cases, it may even enhance their health benefits, not to mention help you save money and the environment too.


How To Save Money By Making Leftovers Last

Three tips to store, reheat and use leftovers:

STORE leftovers in the fridge as soon as the food stops steaming, but never leave it sitting on the bench for longer than two hours. If it’s a large amount of food, store it in a couple of shallow containers rather than one larger one, to bring the food’s temperature down as quickly as possible. Eat leftovers within two or three days.

REHEAT leftovers until they’re hot right through. You can also use a meat thermometer to ensure food is at least 75 C in the centre. And don’t cool and reheat leftovers more than once.

RESEARCH recipes that you can use your leftovers in, because a common reason why people waste leftovers is not knowing what to do with them. Get inspired with our recipes, plus our tips and ideas here!

Without further ado, here are five foods that are actually better to eat as leftovers, and the surprising health benefits they offer:

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