Is Sushi Really Healthy? We Uncover The Hidden Calories You Might Not Be Aware Of

While your favourite sushi roll is undeniably the healthier option when it comes to fast lunches at the food court, it may also contain some hidden calories you might not be aware of

Fresh Nigiri
Though being prepared with enough make-ahead healthy work lunches to last the week is the key to sticking to your health goals, it’s not always easy to be fully prepped as sometimes the week gets busier.

At such times, opting for sushi has been touted as a healthy alternative when eating out.

However, these Japanese favourites could contain far more calories than advertised on the (bento) box.

Consider that deliciously sticky rice, for example. If you’ve made your own sushi at home, you’ll know achieving that stickiness requires a mix of salt, rice vinegar and sugar.

And while adding vinegar to the mix lowers the GI of rice (which keeps you fuller for longer), the addition of sugar may come as a shock.