Still Wondering What The Mediterranean Diet Is And How To Make It Work For You? Read This!

The famous Mediterranean Diet is much more than just eating certain types of food – find out what else it encompasses so you reap its full holistic benefits

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The Diet

The Mediterranean lifestyle is primarily plant-based but by no means is it a vegetarian diet.

“It’s not strictly vegetarian,” Dr Itsiopoulos explains. “In fact, fish is an important part of the diet, but the amount and frequency of meat and chicken is much, much lower than we would see today.”

As a guide, there should be a four-to-one ratio of plants to animal foods.

It’s considered to be a high-fat, good-fat diet. These are the healthy fats found in nuts and most importantly, extra virgin olive oil.

The diet also recommends two small serves of dairy, three to four serves of wholegrains and yes, that all-important glass of wine a day (one standard drink only, guys. That’s about 100 ml).

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