Here’s The Happiest Diet In The World: The Scandinavian Diet

The Scandinavians are consistently at the top of the happiness charts... could it be something in their diet? If you've tried the Mediterranean Diet but have not heard of the Scandinavian Diet, here's everything you need to know

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Hygge Home

If you often find yourself scoffing down your lunch at your work desk, you’ll be gobsmacked to find that Scandinavian meal times are a grand affair, often lasting hours in the winter.

The Danes describe it as hygge, a sort of cosiness that comes with shared experiences and simplicity.

When it comes to food, that means taking a second to appreciate your three square meals a day and developing a healthy relationship with the things you eat.

In all, the Scandinavian diet doesn’t differ greatly from the LCHF trend. But it’s the Scandinavian lifestyle that we’re all about.

Text: The Australian Women’s Weekly

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