How To Prevent Food Poisoning When Ordering Catered Food

A shocking case of food poisoning from local eatery Spize has rocked our nation. 81 people were struck down with gastroenteritis (a severe case of stomach flu), of whom 21 were hospitalised after consuming food from bento boxes prepared for a Deepavali celebration. Sadly one victim, father-of-two Fadli Salleh, has died. 

How To Prevent Food Poisoning When Ordering Catered Food

Photo: Khalid Baba for The Straits Times

The 88 bento boxes were prepared at Spize’s River Valley outlet, and The Straits Times reported that there were lapses in hygiene that could have contributed to the food poisoning. It was found that ready-to-eat food was “left uncovered in a chiller, soap was not provided for people to wash their hands, the soap dispenser was faulty, and knives for preparing ready-to-eat food were slotted in the gaps between food preparation tables”. 

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With the festive season coming up, you may be thinking of catering cooked food for home parties. The last thing you want is an outbreak of food poisoning. To minimise the risk, here are some food safety guidelines to watch out for: