5 Simple Rituals That Will Protect Your Mental Health, According To A Psychologist

Follow these psychologist-approved self-care tips to look after your mental health and keep burnout at bay, even on the most stressful days


Most of us know how to keep our physical health in tip top shape: eat fresh healthy foods, get regular exercise and drink water throughout the day, every day. But when it comes to our mental health, it gets a little tricky. What with our busy careers, a family to look after and finances to grow for our future retirement, avoiding stress and maintaining a healthy mind can be difficult.

However, mental health is just as important, if not more important, than your physical health, to avoid fatigue, exhaustion, stress related illnesses and even overcome anxiety and depression.


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We spoke to Dr Charissa Ng from psychological consultancy Putra Star Care to guide us on how best to care for our mental health.

“By knowing when to recuperate and replenish our own resources instead of simply pushing on and draining them, we will be able to build resilience and improve productivity,” says Dr Ng. “In essence, this is very much akin to what is expected during airplane emergencies – to secure our own oxygen mask before doing so for others.”

To follow her advice, here are five ways you can implement self-care in your daily routine: