The Real Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight Even After Exercising

The Real Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight Even After Exercising

You know that eating junk food and not exercising are obvious causes of weight gain. You might be very conscious about your diet, skip supper, and even manage to work out a few times each week. Yet, in spite of all your conscientious efforts, why aren’t those scales moving down?

You’d think that eating well and burning calories with workouts would be enough to help you shed the kilos, but it might interest you to know that there are actually a lot of sneaky factors that are sabotaging your weight-loss results.


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The reasons can lie in unexpected places, from innocuous ingredients within your diet that are causing more harm than good to your lifestyle habits. When it all adds up, it keeps you from shedding the extra baggage.

We take a look at the unexpected and sneaky reasons why your weight loss journey might be at a roadblock.

Text: & Joyce Chua